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   Trick or Treating on the dock, with all your neighbors is just like the neighborhood memories from when you were a kid. And the sunsets in the fall, followed by the moon light over the water are why Halloween is extra special on your boat. Call us so we can help you etch these memories in your mind. 606-340-8652


We are looking for new boat brokers in the Knoxville and Nashville areas in TN. Isn’t it time you combined your passion for boating with a work environment that you love? Call to learn more-606-305-7049.


Owning a boat is about freedom and independence. We have a boat that will support your lifestyle. Let us show you our selection today.


Meet Terry Miller, America’s
Houseboat Queen®.
Terry has earned a reputation for service excellence on behalf of both buyers and sellers. Come discover why.


If your boat has been for sale for quite some time there is a reason. We have the experience to help you “zero in” on what is preventing your boat from selling and put it back on the fast track to sell quickly.

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  • 1975 Sumerset 14′ x 52′

    Location: Burkesville, KY
    Listed by: Jake Pyzik
  • 1983 Sumerset 14′ x 50′

    Location: Columbia, KY
    Listed by: Glenn Combs
  • 1986 Jamestowner 14′ x 60′ #60

    Location: Celina, TN
    Listed by: Jake Pyzik
  • 1988 Sumerset 14′ x 60′ #107

    Location: Jamestown, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman
  • 1988 Sumerset 14′ x 60′ #109

    Location: Jamestown, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman
  • 1988 Sumerset 14′ x 62′

    Location: Jamestown, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman
  • 1989 Stardust 16′ x 64′ #3

    Location: Monticello, KY
    Listed by: Ceysha Hall
  • 1991 Leisure Time 14′ x 63′ Widebody

    Location: Corbin, KY
    Listed by: Ceysha Hall
  • 1991 Stardust 16′ x 66′

    Location: Nancy, KY
    Listed by: Ceysha Hall

Customer Testimonials

"We could not say enough about Houseboats Buy Terry. We found the perfect boat on their website. Ceysha was so helpful in every detail. She sold our boat in two days so that we would not have two boats."

Kelley S.

"You won’t find anyone with a greater knowledge of boats nor a more caring team of brokers and staff. From buying to selling they are there to walk you through the entire process and get you out on the lake making memories with your family!!"

Elizabeth C.

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Secure your lines and pull up your captain‘s chair. You are about to begin a journey of great family memories that will last a lifetime.

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We want what’s best for you.

"More than anything else, we want the boat that's best for you!" It's not just a quote Terry said, it's a philosophy that we have adhered to since we began selling boats. What does it really mean? It means that whether you are selling a boat with us, or buying a boat...

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Spring boat checklist!

Things to check on your boat this spring. -Batteries-First check the exterior of the battery, looking for leaks or swelling. In either case, they should be disconnected immediately and replaced. Look for any corrosion on the terminals, and clean where needed. Last,...

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