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A select list of my photographs, featured within Rod’s Photo Gallery, are available for purchase in various enlargement sizes and prices. Most enlargements are printed on Kodak paper by Kis Photo in Somerset, KY., a reputable professional lab in Akron, Ohio since 1958. I personally pre-format available photographs to each of the offered enlargement sizes & proportions before processing at the lab. This assures that no matter the enlargement size, each photo is centered & balanced in layout as I had intended, versus relying on the color lab to randomly crop an enlargement as they deem necessary. All enlargements are developed from high resolution digital files, and therefore retain a consistency of color, saturation, and darkness, no matter the quantity or timing of actual printing. Digital printing also assures that dust & scratches associated with normal negative and slide processing, handling, and aging, will not occur. Note that all enlargements are NOT printed on any kind of cheap “poster print” type paper, but on real Kodak Photo Paper.

Presently, only a select choice of 94 photos are available for enlargements. Clicking the link below will take you to the up-to-date list of photos for sale. The list is routinely expanded to include additional photos as they become available. Photos included within the website that are not specifically listed here are NOT presently available. If you are curious when an unlisted photo may become available, feel free to e-mail your request, and I will give you an approximate timing outlay.

Click for List of Available Enlargements


For custom color enlargements alone, without mounting, matting, or frame. Pricing is as follows (plus shipping):

5 x 7
8 x 10
11 x 14
16 x 20

SALES TAX (where applicable):

Residences of the State of Ohio must also pay an additional sales tax on the total order price of 5.75%


Shipping cost is $3.85 via USPS Priority Mail for any quantity or sizes in a single purchase, within the United States. Foreign order shipping costs will vary per country, and must be verified and quoted first. Photos are placed in protective wrap, surrounded with padding, and placed within a larger sized USPS Priority Mail box. I have never had a damaged photo received utilizing this extra shipping protection.


Personal checks, money orders, and bankers checks accepted. Credit card payments through PayPal are also accepted, but a $1.00 surcharge per enlargement must be applied for acceptance of this payment option. Money orders, bankers checks, and PayPal payments will result in shipping upon receipt of payment. Personal checks are held 8 days for deposit and clearing, before shipping commences.


If enlargements are in stock, I will ship photos upon receipt of payment (within the terms of ‘PAYMENTS ACCEPTED’ above), which normally takes 2-5 days for delivery. If enlargements are not in stock, you must allow approximately 2 weeks for development at the color lab before I can ship. If speed of delivery is of utmost importance, it is necessary to verify that the enlargement is in stock before commencing with the sale.


Step #1: Check the ‘List of Available Photos’ linked above to make sure the photo is available for purchasing.

Step #2: Verify the pricing and shipping costs for the quantity and sizes you are interested in.

Step #3: E-mail me with your request (use link below). Include your:

– Name & full address
– Requested photos and sizes
– Your chosen payment option

Step #4: I will e-mail you back a confirmation of the order, whether the requested sizes are in stock or not, your total cost, and where to send the payment.

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