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Meet Terry Miller, America’s
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Terry has earned a reputation for service excellence on behalf of both buyers and sellers. Come discover why.


If your boat has been for sale for quite some time there is a reason. We have the experience to help you “zero in” on what is preventing your boat from selling and put it back on the fast track to sell quickly.

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  • New Price

    1981 Jamestowner 14′ x 51′

    Location: Burkesville, KY
    $23,000 $20,000
    Listed by: Jake Pyzik
  • 1981 Jamestowner 14′ x 52′

    Location: Russell Springs, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman
  • 1982 Sumerset 14″ x 50″

    Location: Burkesville, KY
    Listed by: Jake Pyzik
  • New Price

    1983 Gibson 12′ x 42′

    Location: Monroe, TN
    $7,999 $6,900
    Listed by: Jake Pyzik
  • 1983 Sumerset 14′ x 58′

    Location: Jamestown, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman
  • LOOK! Huge Drop!

    1984 Gibson 12′ x 36′

    Location: London, KY
    $37,000 $29,900
    Listed by: Ceysha Hall
  • 1984 Sea Ray 26′

    Location: Jamestown, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman
  • 1984 Sumerset 14′ x 62′

    Location: Albany, KY
    Listed by: Jake Pyzik
  • 1984 Sumerset 14′ x 64′

    Location: Russell Springs, KY
    Listed by: Lisa Blakeman

Customer Testimonials

"We could not say enough about Houseboats Buy Terry. We found the perfect boat on their website. Ceysha was so helpful in every detail. She sold our boat in two days so that we would not have two boats."

Kelley S.

"You won’t find anyone with a greater knowledge of boats nor a more caring team of brokers and staff. From buying to selling they are there to walk you through the entire process and get you out on the lake making memories with your family!!"

Elizabeth C.

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Secure your lines and pull up your captain‘s chair. You are about to begin a journey of great family memories that will last a lifetime.

Why should I choose a broker to help sell my boat?

The decision to choose a boat broker overselling it yourself is a complex one. No one wants to pay money to sell a boat they have enjoyed when the possibility exists to sell it yourself, and not have any other costs. However, when the goal is to move the boat to a new...

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A house by the lake, or a houseboat on the lake?

When you have a house near the lake, your first instinct is to want to get on the water. With a houseboat you are already there! When you have a house on the lake, you have to worry about security when your away. With a houseboat, marina personnel are concerned about...

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Have you checked your batteries lately?

Batteries should be checked often, and at the least going into each new season. Check water levels, and look for signs of corrosion in the hull from battery gases. Battery corrosion can be your worst enemy to an aluminum hull if they are not vented properly and stored...

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