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From Terry

” I feel blessed to be working in an atmosphere where most people come to vacation. I share the excitement of my clients’ purchases and help them create memories for life. “

– Terry Miller



An experienced broker will have valuable knowledge about selling or assisting someone selling or buying a boat.

Terry Miller

Terry Miller


Terry is at the Houseboats Buy Terry Home Office, located at Conley Bottom Resort on Lake Cumberland, KY. She is serving Conley Bottom Resort, as well as boats nationwide.

Terry has listed and sold many boats nationwide, as well as internationally. She has often been referred to as America’s Houseboat Queen®. She developed her reputation mostly by word of mouth, and past customers repeat business. Customers appreciate the extra time she spends educating first time buyers, and can sense her enthusiasm, and direct approach. She would rather steer you to a boat she does not have listed, than see you get a boat that you are unhappy with. She knows this may knock her out of a sale today, but believes in the old adage, “What goes around, comes around, and a customers positive comments will help her later on down the road. Terry says, “I feel blessed to be working in an atmosphere where most people come to vacation”. She doesn’t take this for granted, and looks forward to helping see your dreams come true!

Lisa Blakeman

Lisa Blakeman

Jamestown Marina

Lisa Blakeman is serving our customers on the northwest part of Lake Cumberland, KY. Her office is located in front of Jamestown Marina. She also serves State Dock, Wolf Creek Marina & Alligator 2, in the  Jamestown/Russell Springs area of the lake. As a lifelong resident of the Russell Springs area, she knows who to call when she needs to get something done. Lisa says, “I just want to treat customers like I would want to be treated, and do what I say”. Stop in and tell Lisa what your boating goals are this year, and let her use her experience and passion to make your dreams come true. Lisa will set your course for the perfect boat, and seasons filled with great memories.

Ceysha Hall

Ceysha Hall

Beaver Creek Marina, Burnside Marina, & Laurel Lake

Ceysha Hall is serving our customers at Beaver Creek Marina, Burnside Marina on Lake Cumberland, KY; as well as on Laurel Lake. “I grew up in Monticello, KY, the “Houseboat Capital of the World”. I have worked as an office assistant at Houseboats Buy Terry main office at Conley Bottom Resort since 2011. Or as Terry likes to say, I am now a graduate of “Houseboat College”. I have learned directly from Terry, what it takes to listen to a customers needs, and help them buy or sell their boat. On my days off, I still find myself drawn to the lake, where I like to take my daughter fishing, and swimming. I look forward to helping find your perfect boat, or sell your boat and move on to your next adventure.” Ceysha with her husband Michael and 3 daughter’s, Alexsis, Alyssia, & Olivia. 

Glenn Combs

Glenn Combs

Cave Run Lake

Glenn Combs is operating out of his home office in Lexington, KY. It is only a short drive to any of the beautiful lakes in the area.

“I have been a lifelong “Houseboater” growing up with my family on Lake Cumberland soon after it was impounded. That’s me driving my dad’s boat back in the early 50’s. My father owned some of the very first houseboats on Lake Cumberland including the wooden shanty boat pictured. I have enjoyed boating on many Kentucky lakes, including Cave Run as a houseboater for over 15 years. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of KY and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from St. Xavier University. I have worked throughout Eastern Kentucky as General Manager and President for a chain of department stores. Later I went into business with a partner to process payrolls and employee benefits for companies all over the United States. We sold that business in 2015 and I joined Houseboats Buy Terry soon after that. I am currently an authorized instructor with the US Power Squadrons of America (a boating group), a member of the US Coast Guard Auxillary, and a private pilot with Commercial, Twin and Instrument ratings. Becoming part of the “BIGGEST” and “BEST” houseboat and cruiser brokerage firm in the US is a lifelong dream job come true for me. Let me make your family dreams come true, with outstanding service before, during, and after the sale.” Glenn

Jake Pyzik

Jake Pyzik

Serving: Dale Hollow Lake and Grider Hill Marina in Tennessee and Kentucky

Jake Pyzik is proudly serving Dale Hollow Lake and Grider Hill Marina in Tennessee and Kentucky. He operates from his home in Byrdstown, Tennessee and can meet you at marinas on Dale Hollow Lake or Grider Hill Marina on Lake Cumberland. As a lifelong boater on Dale Hollow Lake, Jake has the experience needed to put buyers and sellers together. Memories of being on the lake with family are vivid for Jake. These are the memories he cherish’s most and hopes to continue for generations to come. He says there was never a time on the lake that he didn’t have a smile on his face. “My family has been coming to Dale Hollow Lake for well over 60 years so naturally, I have been coming here since birth. I grew up in Anderson, Indiana but had family roots in Byrdstown, TN. My first memories are boating on Dale Hollow with my aunt and uncle. In 1985, my parents bought a boat and taught me how to ski. Needless to say, I was hooked.” After graduating from Purdue University in 2001 Jake ventured to Dale Hollow to sell boats for a summer. He has happily been here doing just that ever since. “I am looking forward to serving the boaters of Dale Hollow Lake and Grider Hill Marina. I take a lot of pride in what I do before, during and even long after the sale is complete. Let me help steer you to the right boat that will bring lasting memories to you, your family and friends” Jake

Dale Shepherd

Dale Shepherd

Serving: Jackson, Mississippi

I have been involved in boating since the age of 4, when I began white perch fishing on the reservoir with my father. Through the years I spent lots of time on the water enjoying water skiing and pwc’s. I started my houseboating experience in 1996 when I restored a 1969 Drifter. In 2002 I purchased a custom built Sunstar houseboat. Early in 2011, I completed the required courses and testing to be issued a US Coast Guard Captains license. I have more than 24 years military service and currently serve as an aircraft maintenance officer with the Mississippi Air National Guard unit in Jackson. I live just a few miles away from the reservoir with my wife Amy Shepherd, a local physician, and son William. I serve on the Reservoir Foundation Board on the community events committee. I am the co-owner and managing partner of Main Harbor Store on the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson, Mississippi. Main Harbor Store consists of the fuel dock for the Main Harbor, rental boat business, and a ship store. I own and operate a Sea Tow Franchise on the lake to provide 24 hour assistance to boaters. Main Harbor Store is located inside Harbor Station also co-owned by me. The building is home to other businesses such as Pelican Cove Grill and commercial office spaces. As you can see, my life revolves around the water, and I have the passion, contacts, and knowledge, to help you pursue your boating dreams as well. Give me a call today, and let me help you get started.

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"More Than Anything Else, We Want The Boat That's Best For You."

- Terry Miller

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